Superfeet, Volumental and Fitstation by HP Expand Personalized Fitting Experience

Specialty sport retailer XXL with locations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Austria, is bringing its customers the 3D personalized fit experience while in the U.S. Fleet Feet locations have integrated the technology with their in-store platform, fit id®. These addition of these locations bring the total to 205 retailers globally that are now open for shoppers to receive individualized footwear solutions, including ME3D custom insoles, made just for them.

Customers will now be able to receive a personal assessment that includes 3D foot scans, pressure measurements, and a dynamic gait analysis to identify a person’s unique motion path. Superfeet is then able to create ME3D individualized insoles designed specifically for the unique way each person moves.

“We want to offer a unique customer experience,” ssaid Anders Kjellèn, SVP Category Director Sports, Running & Training at Nordic retailer XXL. “This collaboration with Superfeet allows us to deliver a better fit of insoles and footwear for comfort and performance. Our ultimate goal is to have all consumers using XXL Fitstation so we can offer the best fitting experience possible finding the perfect shoe for each individual consumer. We will begin with a focus on runners, expanding this quickly to other sports.”

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In a socially distanced and responsible manner, customers can receive a premium shopping experience, and have customized insoles shipped to them in about two weeks. For retailers it means the ability to sell an inventory-less product while providing the most sophisticated fit experience possible.

“Our partnerships with both Superfeet and Volumental have allowed us to provide the best customer-centric experiences, products and footwear solutions, and this partnership marks another huge step forward in continuing to do so,” said Joey Pointer, CEO and president of Fleet Feet.