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Berge Kaprelian
President/CEO and Group Publisher (contact for advertising)
(480) 503-0770 | berge@bekabusinessmedia.com
Berge began working in telecom in 1994.Thirteen years later, he launched his own trade magazine company BEKA Publishing, which has evolved into BEKA Business Media.

Anthony Graffeo
Publisher (contact for advertising)
(203) 304-8547 | anthony@bekabusinessmedia.com
Anthony has been in Sales and marketing for over 18 years. He graduated from State University of New York at Purchase College and enjoys the outdoors and making things happen. Being in technology for so many years and reflecting on how things were done in the past (regarding sales and marketing) has molded him into a next-gen salesman and marketer. Contact Anthony to benefit from next-gen media and amplify your sales.

Michael Burns
National Account Executive
(262)-993-9116 | michael@bekabusinessmedia.com
Highly seasoned sales professional with a strong sales, marketing and customer success background. With experience in advertising sales, it gives me an edge towards understanding the industry. Strives to develop successful strategies for new business development, by using knowledge of creative market research and sales prospecting techniques.

Martin Vilaboy
Consulting Editor
(480) 756-0760 | martin@bekabusinessmedia.com
Currently serving as editor-in-chief of ChannelVision Magazine and editorial director at Beka Business Media, Martin has been covering IT and telecom channels for nearly 20 years. Prior to his role on ChannelVision, he was a founding editor of several highly acclaimed telecom trade publications including FatPipe Magazine, VoIP Business Weekly and IP Business News.

Bruce Christian
Editor-In-Chief / Event Coordinator
(602) 840-4752 | bruce@bekabusinessmedia.com
Bruce Christian spent years as a reporter and columnist at a daily newspaper, before taking on the role of managing editor at trade magazines. He spent the last several years as a corporate communicator where he worked as a marketing communications manager. A New York native, Bruce grew up in Arizona, served in the U.S. Navy and has earned his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Brady Hicks
Managing Editor
(267) 930-3700 | brady@bekabusinessmedia.com
Brady is a longtime editor and technical writer who has been covering various segments of the tech industry for 19 years. He is a former staff member with Information Today, Inc., with experience generating both podcasts and video presentations.

Percy Zamora
Art Director
(212) 380-3104 | percy@bekabusinessmedia.com
Percy has been BEKA Business Media’s Art Director for 13+ years. He began his career as a graphic designer after graduating in 1999 from Northern Arizona University. Percy grew up in Phoenix AZ and currently lives in South Florida.

Rob Schubel
Digital Manager
(847) 687-2679 | rob@bekabusinessmedia.com
An accomplished digital communications expert with over 16 years of experience executing digital mediaprograms from conception to delivery. Known for driving consistent brandidentities, tailored strategies,and broadcast-quality content across a broad range of digital, print, and motion graphic mediums.Toronto-born and UK-schooled, Rob loves to travel, camp, and hike near his home in the PNW.

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