Dick’s Join Coalition to Combat the Sale of Fraudulent Goods

The Buy Safe America Coalition, a diverse group of retailers, consumer groups, wholesaler-distributors, and manufacturers that support efforts to combat organized retail crime and protect consumers and communities from the sale of counterfeit and stolen goods, announced new members – Dick’s Sporting Goods, HP Inc., OpSec Security and Rite Aid.

These retailers join the coalition amid the holiday season, which is expected to bring about record levels of online shopping and sales. These companies and leading retailers will take part in the coalition alongside existing members including Walgreens, CVS Health, The Home Depot, Ulta Beauty, and Philips.

The sale of stolen and fraudulent goods and products has long been a target for criminals using online marketplaces. The coalition is urging Congress to combat the growing problem by passing the INFORM Consumers Act, which would modernize consumer protection laws by requiring online marketplaces to collect and verify basic seller information and having sellers provide that information to consumers.

“The issue of fraudulent sales is about much more than protecting our brand and the products we offer — it’s also about protecting our teammates and our customers whose safety is our top priority,” said David Lund, Vice President, Loss Prevention for Dick’s. “By increasing transparency and accountability, the INFORM Act will help provide much-needed protection for consumers and employees visiting and working in retail stores this holiday season.”

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“The sale of fraudulent, expired, defective, and unsafe products on online marketplaces is a solvable problem that has gone on for far too long. As more Americans than ever shop online this holiday season, it is imperative that we take steps to collect and verify third-party seller information,” said the Buy Safe America Coalition spokesperson, Michael Hanson. “We are pleased to have DICK’S Sporting Goods, HP Inc., OpSec Security and Rite Aid join our coalition’s efforts to crack down on organized retail crime on dominant online marketplaces.”

Visit BuySafeAmerica.org for more information about the growing problem of stolen and counterfeit goods and solutions to better protect consumers and businesses.