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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Schoeller’s Electrostatic-Spun Membrane Deployed in New Jacket

Schoeller has teamed up with urban-activewear crossover brand Outlier to introduce its aerobrane electrostatic-spun membrane technology. Outlier’s Ecstasy in the Rain performance rainshell, which features aerobrane as a key component, was unveiled today.

In development for 4 years and introduced to brand partners in late 2018, the Schoeller aerobrane membrane features a unique structure that consists of an ultra-fine, hydrophilic polyurethane fiber composite that differs from other film-based membranes and offers a softer feel and fluid textile characteristics, said Schoeller.

To produce an electrostatic spun membrane, a large number of ultra-light, microscopic fibers are placed closely on top of each other, forming a clustered-but-connected structure that can only be detected with high-power microscope technology. The membrane’s fibrous structure provides exceptional breathability, said Schoeller, while also allowing for ventilation. The aerobrane membrane features water-repellent qualities, as water droplets on the exterior are larger than the spaces between the fibrous structures; however, the fiber structures create an effective barrier against wind.

“The electrostatic spun membrane technology is amazing because it allows for genuinely air permeable yet extremely water-resistant membranes that just couldn’t be made previously,” said Abe Burmeister, Outlier cofounder. “The air permeability is really what makes the difference for us. It’s like opening the window on a rain shell.  It allows for air to circulate around the body as you move, even when you are fully sealed off from the rain. It just makes for a far more comfortable rain jacket.”

Outlier’s Experiment 200 – Ecstasy in the Rain jacket will only be available for a limited time. It offers a 6000mm water-column rating and light weight at 135gsm.

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