Onewheel Opening L.A. Pop-Up Store

Future Motion has converted a gas station located in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles into a pop-up store for it One-Wheel brand. Open of business December 12-15, the 12,300 sq/ft pop-up store features features hands-on demos and tutorials from Onewheel’s in-house expert riders as well as a curated Onewheel shopping experience. Demo are offered to people of all skill and experience levels above the age of 14.

“The opening of Onewheel’s first Pop-up shop marks a tremendous milestone for our brand and an exciting moment for the fun-lovers and experience seekers of Los Angeles” Says Jack Mudd, chief evangelist at Onewheel. “Onewheel’s have brought so much stoke to tens of thousands of people. So many others are excited to get on board but want to see how it rides before they buy—this is an opportunity for them to do that. We are thrilled to set up shop in LA and share an epic experience with folks this Holiday season.

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Onewheel is partnering with local brands, including Super 73, Thousand, Juneshine and Verve Coffee, to curate four days of experiences, including food and music.

For more information, visit Onewheel’s Facebook event page or follow them on Instagram @Onewheel.