Patagonia Opens First Worn-Wear Pop Up

Patagonia last week opened its first dedicated Worn Wear pop-up store. Located in Boulder, Colo., at a former standard Patagonia retail store, the Worn Wear temportary store will be open through February, said the company.

The store will be stocked with Worn Wear items, or used Patagonia products that have been returned from customers. The store also will offer Patagonia’s ReCrafted Collection, a new line of products made from clothing that was beyond repair.

The pop-up is the result of Patagonia relocating its standard Boulder retail location to a larger location in Boulder. When the new store opened at 1630 Pearl, Patagonia still had a few months on its lease at 1212 Pearl Street. The Boulder pop-up store also reportedly will host regular repair and upcycle workshops.

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