Nuun Takes Nuun Sport Into Canada

Sports drink supplement brand Nuun is now offering its renovated flagship product line across the provinces. The line is now called Sport, and it replaces the product lines in Canada previously named Active and Boost. Upgrades include cleaner ingredients, optimized electrolyte profile, improved taste, reduced dissolve time and streamlined branding and packaging. The line is also now certified Non-GMO Project, Kosher and Informed-Sport.

“At Nuun we often ask ourselves, ‘If we started over today, how would we do it?’ ” shared Kevin Rutherford, Nuun president and CEO. “This growth mindset has led our team to achieve extraordinary impact, and it is the approach we took when challenging ourselves to improve the product that launched the Nuun brand over 15 years ago. We believe Nuun Sport is the new benchmark in the ‘better for you’ and ‘better for the planet’ sports and natural hydration categories. And, we are thrilled to bring this product to our remarkable retail and events partners up north.”

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The line was previously plant-based, free of artificial ingredients, vegan and gluten free. Now, Nuun Sport has additionally earned Non-GMO Project, Kosher and Informed-Sport third party verifications, alongside the complete Nuun line-up.

The performance of Nuun Sport has also been improved utilizing the latest in exercise physiology with an optimized electrolyte profile, in precise dosages of all five electrolytes, said the company. “We added chloride to the electrolyte profile given its role in fluid transport and electrolyte balance together with sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium,” added Vishal Patel, Nuun senior research and development manager. “To maximize water absorption, we also updated the sodium and potassium values to achieve the ideal ratio of two to one.”

The Sport line is offered in 13 flavors, four caffeinated, and comes in 10-tablet recyclable tubes.