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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

MountainFLOW Eco-wax Launches Natural Mustache Wax for Speed, Style

Mountainflow eco-wax announced today a new line of all-natural, sustainable mustache wax for the discerning mustachian looking for an upgrade in handsomeness and sex appeal. This new line of men’s grooming waxes comes in three exciting flavors: light beer, mountain musk and cool-ranch.

“At mountainFLOW, we’re always looking to the next horizon of waxing stuff; it’s our passion,” said MountainFLOW’s founder and CEO Peter Arlein. “After conquering the world of ski wax, it was a tough decision for what to do next, and whenever I have a tough decision, I always find answers by leveling with the man in the mirror, and this was no different.”

Inspired by Arlein’s “world-famous and irresistible signature lip-sweater,” the three flavors of mustache-wax draw inspiration from ski culture and are sure to please the wearer and their friends.

The light-beer flavor gives the unmistakable feeling of a frosty brewski after a long day on the slopes. Mountain Musk is guaranteed not to disappoint anyone looking for a mélange of campfire and leather work gloves. Cool-ranch flavor provides instant gratification to anyone suffering from the munchies when they just can’t shake the high from the edibles they got on their recent ski trip in Colorado.

MountainFLOW eco-wax has a full line of waxes and polishes for anyone looking to put a fresh polish on their hard goods and get a slipperier experience every day. A full lineup of ski, bike, and mustache wax is available at mountainflow.com.  #goofyface #aprilfools


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