Taps Into LinkedIn Audience is strengthening its position as a leading professional network for lifestyle-driven industries through a new advertising initiative with LinkedIn. In turn, the company has recently made significant infrastructure investments into its platform to accommodate expected growth.

One of Malakye’s top-level goals is to grow its talent pipeline in a way that delivers results, while maintaining its unique identity, for the people and brands in its community. 

“We’re committed to delivering results to our customers. Our advertising partnership with LinkedIn enables us to give our customers the best of both worlds,” says Chad Mihalick, president and founder of “Now when our customers post a job with us, it will also appear on LinkedIn as a job posting with all traffic to apply routing back through Malakye. We’re giving our customers two for one exposure to the right people in LinkedIn’s massive audience so that the additional exposure is actually valuable.” 

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Malakye is actively seeking out additional online platforms to align its business with as well as digging further into its offline strategy of connecting its audience with live, professionally focused, events that match the company’s niche focus.

“Giving our audience offline events to participate that enable them to plug into professional networking within lifestyle-driven industries is a key offering we’re focused on delivering. There’s nothing better than getting to feel the pulse and excitement of our industries in-person,” says Mihalick. “In the Malakye Events section you’ll see events spanning from highly curated job fairs, to photo workshops, networking events at corporate headquarters, and more.”  

Malakye occupies a unique space in the human capital market. The company has a 17-year history of successfully creating and serving a niche community of people and companies in lifestyle-driven industries. It provides a reputable alternative to mainstream resources and is the place for professionals and brands who define lifestyle-driven industries. People and brands can create a free profile on Malakye to plug in to the community.