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Friday, June 18, 2021

Kitzuma Cycling Logistics to Ship Fully Built Bikes

A team of cycling industry logistics veterans is rethinking the way bikes are shipped for every purpose with Kitzuma Cycling Logistics. The over-the-road shipping service offers dock-to-door, box-free, ready-to-ride bike deliveries nationwide with pricing and shipping times comparable to major delivery services.

Traditionally a manufacturer has built a new bike, then has had to break it down to box it and hand it off to a shipping company, which delivers it via truck and/or air cargo. Kitzuma streamlines the process by pricing up, transporting and delivering bikes fully built and ready to ride.

Kitzuma already has been shipping bikes in a pilot program with a major distributor representing three major bike brands. It has commitments from a handful of other brands beginning soon, and with the launch, it will open the service to brands and individuals across the country. Potential partners appreciate the inherent benefits of Kitzuma’s unique model.

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