Deuter Pack Helps Redefine Accessibility

Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, Kevan Chandler longed to explore the world, and all the places where wheelchairs couldn’t take him. With the help of six friends and a partnership with German pack maker, Deuter, Kevan set out on the adventure of a lifetime, a tour of Europe, in 2016. Now, Kevan and his friends are bringing the pack that helped make it possible to others with the same thirst for adventure.

We Carry Kevan is a global team of able-bodied and disabled people working together to fulfil one another’s dreams. In collaboration with Deuter, they have designed the WCK Pack to help the able-bodied share otherwise inaccessible experiences with disabled individuals.

“What Kevan and his friends have done took a lot of adventurous spirit and ingenuity,” said Deuter president, Bill Hartrampf. “At Deuter we believe in the power of outdoor adventure and the intrinsic value of travel, and we couldn’t be happier to be involved.”

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The WCK Pack is a production version of the modified Deuter carrier the We Carry Kevan team used in its 2016 tour of Europe. It is designed for people with disabilities to go where wheelchairs cannot, with the help of friends and family.

The WCK Pack is available for pre-order and expected to ship July 2019. The quantity is limited, so place your order now. The pack features an adjustable Deuter back system for the carrier and a height-adjustable seat and harness for the rider. Wide open side entry allows the rider easy access to the seat. A removable chest pad, adjustable stirrups and wrist cuffs enhance comfort and security for the rider. An external mesh pocket and two front pockets carry all the essentials. The WCK Pack’s total load limit is 70 pounds.

We Carry Kevan mobilizes people with disabilities by redefining accessibility as a cooperative effort. The team has traveled in France, Ireland, the UK and China, showing the enormous potential of friendship and creativity in the face of otherwise limiting circumstances.