Coats, Lenzing Reimagine Footwear Uppers, Fabrics

Coats Footwear is working with the Lenzing Group – a producer of cellulose-based fibers for the textiles industry. Combining Coats Footwear’s ProWeave technology with Lenzing’s innovative TENCEL Lyocell Filament, the two companies have created dynamic re-imagined footwear uppers and fabrics, that combine sustainability and performance characteristics.

In what they call “an industry first,” the two companies have partnered in weaving TENCEL Lyocell Filament using ProWeave – a unique patented jacquard weaving technology that can be used with a range of different fibers and yarns.

The reimagined footwear uppers and fabrics will be used in the prototype of Circle Sportswear’s “SuperNatural Runner,” the first synthetic-free performance footwear to use TENCEL Lyocell Filament blended with wool using ProWeave technology and other bio-based materials.

This method and combination of technologies enable the production of stylish, sustainable, super comfortable uppers and fabrics that have an adaptive fit that functions like a second skin. The collaboration will be of interest to all footwear brands that want to improve supply chain traceability, and bio-sustainability and lower the carbon footprint associated with producing high-quality uppers and fabrics for a variety of applications.

Lenzing is the first of many raw material suppliers to collaborate with Coats on ProWeave. Derived from renewable raw material wood sourced from controlled and certified forests, TENCEL Lyocell Filament is manufactured using resource-efficient production processes that recycle process water and reuse the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99 percent. Certified by The Vegan Society, TENCEL Lyocell Filament is known for its silky softness, color vibrancy and strength.

ProWeave is a unique jacquard weaving technology that integrates multi-functionality and design freedom weaving seamlessly in an engineered upper or fabric. Effortlessly blending diverse yarn thicknesses, weights and fabric references together, ProWeave is used to create intricately designed fabrics with distinctive gradient, rib, waffle, color, stretch, transparency, and 3D effects.

In addition to TENCEL Lyocell Filament, Coats Footwear is working closely with Lenzing to explore the adoption of TENCEL-branded lyocell and modal fibers in footwear uppers and fabrics.

Discover more about the ProWeave and TENCEL collaboration during Lineappele (booth H02 in Hall 9), Sept. 19-21, in Milan, Italy.