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Friday, June 18, 2021

Black Diamond Sends Walmart Cease and Desist

Black Diamond Equipment has sent Walmart a cease and desist notice in response to news Monday announcing the launch of a new outdoor website on Walmart.com curated by Moosejaw. The letter directed Walmart to cease and desist from use of the Black Diamond and diamond logo trademarks in a manner likely to confuse consumers into believing that Walmart is an authorized dealer of Black Diamond or that the new outdoor Walmart.com site is otherwise associated with or sponsored by Black Diamond. The letter also demanded that Walmart cease its infringing use of several hundred copyrighted photographs, the rights to which belong exclusively to Black Diamond.

“We did not see or approve the statement which Walmart released Monday and have never sold to Walmart,” stated John Walbrecht, Black Diamond’s president. “Black Diamond remains committed to our specialty retail partners and we do not plan on deviating from this strategy.”

Moosejaw, a Michigan based retailer with 10 stores and online presence, was purchased by Walmart in February of 2017. Black Diamond has worked with Moosejaw for over 10 years.

One has to wonder if we will see similar actions from other specialty brands that have worked with Moosejaw but feel a relationship with Walmart hurts their standing with core consumers.

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