Artificial Intelligence Comes to Skateboards

Swagtron has introduced the Swagboard Spectra line of self-learning A.I. (artificial intelligence) skateboards. Swagtron cut its teeth on hoverboards, expanding its line to electric skateboards with NG-1 electric longboard. The new Swagboard Spectra line features technology that learns and adjusts to riding style.

All Swagboard Spectra models feature SenDeck technology, says the company, which uses five smart sensors and an ultra-intelligent algorithm that enables a 3D Posture Control System to analyze how users ride. This allows the Swagboard Spectra to not only accelerate and brake based on body movements for hands-free operation (no remote), but learns riding styles and anticipates behavior, tailoring itself to the rider. It intuitively adjusts sensitivity, assists in turning, automatically accelerates uphill and more, said the company.

“From cars to skateboards, electric ‘smart’ tech is changing the way navigate—and experience—our world every day,” says Chief Marketing Officer Jason Wakefield. “We’re more connected than ever, and that includes personal transportation. We’re commuting smarter. We’re playing smarter. A to B will never be the same.”

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The boards, available in three styles, hit tops speeds just under 10 mph, with ranges up to 12 miles. The boards are powered by single or dual 200-watt front hub motors. SRPs range from $399.99 to $1,199.99.


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