Winnebago Completes 1,300-mile Electric Road Trip

Winnebago Industries recently completed a more than 1,300-mile all-electric RV road trip with the e-RV, the first all-electric zero-emission motorhome concept from a major RV manufacturer. The e-RV was introduced in January at the Florida RV Super Show by the company’s Advanced Technology Group as a fully functional, all-electric concept vehicle that redefines efficiency, comfort and functionality. The road trip affirms the growing feasibility of electric-powered RV travel – the primary objective of the road trip.

The trip began in Washington D.C. after a successful exhibition at the RV Industry Association’s ‘RVs Move America Week’ and covered more than 1,300 miles. Highlights of the trip included stops in Harpers Ferry, W.V.; Pittsburgh; Canton and Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit; Indiana Dunes National Park; Chicago; and, finally, Eden Prairie, Minn. – the headquarters of Winnebago Industries. This is the longest continuous road trip conducted with the e-RV and the first known trip of more than 1,000 miles by an all-electric RV.

“Winnebago Industries has a rich history and tradition of innovation, and we see electrification as a continually evolving chapter of that legacy. We are proud to be a leader in exploring the possibilities of this technology in the outdoor markets we serve,” said Michael Happe, Winnebago Industries president and chief executive officer.

The all-electric RV road trip enabled Winnebago Industries’ ATG teams to test and document real-world performance factors and gather additional data that will drive refinements as the technology is assimilated into future production vehicles. Members of the ATG who helped design and build the e-RV had the opportunity to drive legs of the road trip which provided learnings from statistics and customer feedback, as they interacted with RV and EV owners at charging stations and nightly stops.