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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Toray Unveils an ‘Evolution of Fleece’

Toray said it has developed a knitting construction that creates a high-volume, two-layer structure, resulting in a higher loft without increasing weight. The result is a new Karuishi fleece fabric with an improved durability and piling resistance and a dramatic reduction in the level of microplastic pollution, said the Japanese textile company.

The knitting method allows Toray to use variations of yarns on the face and back, creating fabrics with different performance characteristics without using glues or laminates. Toray said Karuishi resist pilling and abrasion without surface treatment or resins.

Toray said its testing labs repeatedly washed samples of Kariushi, as well as competitive fleece, including the outdoor industry’s leading stretch fleece. The lint shed by each fabric was collected and compared. Test showed a significantly lower micro-shed weight for Karuishi.

The Karuishi technical fleece line was originally introduced in 2017 and is used by brands including Simm’s, Stio, Patagonia and Kuiu.

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