Tenaya, Zara Announce Capsule Collection for Spring 2022

Trango, the U.S. distributor for Tenaya, announces the global fashion brand Zara and Tenaya are teaming up for a product collaboration for Spring 2022. The collection for women brings climbing into the global fashion spotlight as the sport merges with mainstream culture and fashion. Tenaya athlete Svana Bjarnason is the face of the campaign which features clothing and footwear.

Zara is embarking into the vertical realm with this release, based on the success of the sport in Oscar-winning documentaries, reality shows, Olympics and local competitions. This collaboration embraces the expansion of climbing as a mainstream pursuit, uniting the authenticity of the sport and the aesthetic appeal of high fashion.

Previously, Zara collaborated with Everlast, PlayStation, and TRX, among others, but this is the first time the brand has presented a collection of climbing products that are designed for the sport.

The collaboration recognizes the growth of female climbers in the sport and seeks to highlight this representation. As the climbing market expands and evolves, participants are shifting to a newer, younger and notably increasingly female demographic.

As experts in their craft for more than 20 years, Tenaya has a presence in more than 60 countries and has supported legends such as Chris Sharma, Alex Megos, Drew Ruana and Josune Beteziartu.

“For Tenaya, this collaboration is a recognition of the brands focus on product innovation, consistency, and adherence to quality. Tenaya is a worldwide leader in climbing shoes and a brand that embodies the essence of climbing. Zara sought out the authenticity of Tenaya to help it build its collection,” said Gerard Rebés, head of marketing for the Spanish brand.

This collection will feature apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, climbing shoes and approach shoes that are created for the growing number of female climbers globally. The collection will be shown in tandem with a line of cycling gear and sold exclusively online through ZARA.


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