Survey: Camping Plans Remain Intact

According to a survey of nearly 20,000 randomly selected RV owners and prospective owners, 2020 camping season plans, though often pushed back, remain in place among the vast majority of respondents. The survey by Thor Industries, parent company of several RV brands, a full 94% of respondents said they still plan to vacation in 2020. The survey data suggests however, that camping season may extend deep into autumn this year, as 50% of those with vacation plans indicate that a vacation will occur in October.

What’s more, 79% of consumers plan to use their RV as much or more than they had in 2019; with 56% of those who intend to vacation in a RV planning to utilize it for weekend trips and 53% planning at least one week-long trip. The opening of campgrounds is the top indicator for consumers to start camping.

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The survey, which was conducted April 26- May 8, 2020, included questions assessing consumers’ canceled travel plans, travel intent throughout 2020, planned RV usage, key indicators initiating RV travel, purchase intent and openness to purchase virtually.

“Our research supports that consumers understand that the RV lifestyle is a great way to social distance, create unforgettable family experiences, and get away and recharge,” said Thor president and CEO Bob Martin. “We believe the best way to get outside for some enjoyment and adventure in a safe way is in an RV. The data shows that consumers agree.”

The 2020 THOR North American RV Consumer Survey results can be downloaded here. They include responses from owners of all types of RVs, as well as prospective owners, across Canada and the U.S.