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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Recycled Polyester Becomes Production Standard in Riri Group’s Green Path

To Riri, being responsible today for a sustainable tomorrow means looking ahead, toward an effort in bringing sustainability in operational decisions, even if they mean more management issues and lead to changes out of the comfort zone, which is the result of years of experiences and processes.

Riri Group thus becomes a manufacturing company on fashion accessories to introduce the use of recycled polyester as a production standard for its zip range. This achievement marks another step in the sustainability path the Swiss-Italian Group has walked since the ‘90s.

This change fits the Group’s green approach that sees innovation for the future as a main pillar of the corporate strategy, as well as the commitment to protecting natural resources and to improving the traceability and transparency of materials and processes, in a framework that is rethinking social and economic models.

Riri’s slogan, “Excellence in details,” also can be read as “sustainability in details,” as it speaks to the company’s will to act putting sustainability first.

By employing recycled polyester as production standard for the zip range, the contribution to sustainability on a quantitative level will be significant:

  • The company will reduce emissions resulting from polyester purchases by 32 percent; thus, the carbon footprint will be cut by 3 percent, for zip production. As a result, 460,000 kg of CO2 per year is saved, the same as 169 return flights from Geneve to New York.
  • All the recycled polyester is Global Recycled Standard – certified, highlighting Riri’s commitment to choosing suppliers that meet the industry’s international standards.
  • The recycled polyester used in tapes for zips is made from recycled polyester fibers, both pre- (20 percent) and post-consumer (80 percent).
  • An important contribution is made to the goal of increasing the global use of recycled polyester, as stated by Textile Exchange, from 14 percent to 20 percent by 2030.

This choice shows the ability of the company to develop products that keep the environment in mind while preserving functionality, reliability and the visual taste that the world of fashion requires. Riri introduced its first recycled polyester tape in 2013 and has been increasing the use of GRS-certified recycled polyester that comes from recycled materials.

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