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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Rad Power Bikes Presents Further Developments for RadRhino 6 Plus

Rad Power Bikes, an electric bike brand in North America, unveiled the RadRhino6 Plus, the powerful new version of its electric fat bike that has become the company’s flagship since its launch in Europe.

Building on the success of the iconic RadRhino  series, this premium e-bike has completely new hydraulic disc brakes for more braking power and a specially made geared hub motor for better off-road performance.

The redesigned frame promises an ergonomic, comfortable ride with a proprietary semi-integrated battery that can be lifted in and out with the turn of a key.

In developing an optimized version of the RadRhinos, Rad Power Bikes equipped it with a range of custom-built, state-of-the-art components to ensure the latest model meets the company’s high standards for reliability and durability.

The new user interface of the RadRhino, a two-part system that places the information where the drivers need it most, makes operation while driving easier and more intuitive for all levels of experience. The custom bike display shows real-time statistics, distance traveled and time and has a headlight on/off indicator. The intelligent charging status of the battery can be read there, so that drivers can rely on more precise information about the charging status of their batteries before, during and after the journey.

The bike is available in two frame shapes (high-step and step-thru), which make riding more comfortable for riders of different heights, offer improved ergonomics and enable a smoother, safer ride with better pedaling efficiency. The sleek design of the frame is distinctive and functional, and features a proprietary, semi-integrated battery that is easy to lift in and out.

The team of engineers at Rad Power Bikes fine-tuned the hub motor and controls to get more power out of it with greater efficiency. Riders can accelerate faster because the stronger performance of their bikes remains constant even at lower speeds and the bikes can handle off-road driving with ease. To control this speed, the RadRhino 6 Plus is the company’s first model to be equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and ceramic brake pads, which provide more braking power, less maintenance and an even longer brake pad life. They also feature an ergonomically designed lever that can be adjusted to fit the rider’s hand to reduce fatigue.

Every single component of the RadRhino 6 Plus underlines the importance that the company attaches to the accessibility and leading design of e-bikes. The updates in the new version of the RadRhino 6 Plus represent a remarkable advancement from North America’s e-bike market leader.

The RadRhino 6 Plus will be available in Europe this fall at a price of €1,899 on www.radpowerbikes.eu.

To find out more, visit:  www.radpowerbikes.eu/pages/new-electric-fat-tire-bikes-2021-radhino

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