National Cleanup Day Set for Sept. 18

The fifth annual National CleanUp Day, in partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG and Keep America Beautiful, will take place Saturday, September 18. Cleanup Month is all of September and participants can choose their own dates and locations on the global map.

National CleanUp Day addresses the issue of mismanaged waste and litter across America and encourages people to get out and clean up their communities.

Since its inception in 2017, millions of people have helped clean up their local parks, beaches, rivers, forests and everywhere in between. Organizations of all sizes are joining the cause by arranging their own Tailored CleanUp catered to their members.

Businesses, municipalities, and youth organizations are taking part in this year’s event, and conducting large, small and individual cleanups in their neighborhoods and cities in all 50 states and five territories.

Participants in National CleanUp Day should adhere to all local guidance and perform vigorous safety and sanitation practices. For more information on how your organization can conduct its own Tailored CleanUp, visit the National CleanUp Day website: