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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

OrthoLite Unveils Sustainable Insole Technologies

OrthoLite, a leader of branded, high-performance and comfort footwear solutions, expands its range of eco formulations with the release of OrthoLite HybridPlus-Bio and HybridPlus-Recycled insole technologies.

With formulations that elevate the total eco content of the insoles to 57 percent and 50 percent, respectively, these innovative technologies set a new standard for sustainable insoles.

Both formulations are the result of OrthoLite’s expanding commitment to its Zero Waste initiative and the creation of more sustainable footwear solutions and close the loop on production waste material and come in direct response to the increasing demand from OrthoLite brand partners for more sustainable product solutions.

The HybridPlus formulations present an opportunity to elevate sustainable best practices across process and product while supporting sustainability goals without compromising comfort and performance.

OrthoLite HybridPlus-Recycled provides the unprecedented ability to elevate the eco-content of insoles to 50 percent. The blend of 7 percent recycled rubber powder and 43 percent recycled PU foam achieve a total 50 percent recycled content — which uses less petroleum and less energy, while adding less to landfills.

This allows the technologies to provide all the comfort consumers expect with the eco-friendly features they demand.

OrthoLite HybridPlus-Bio offers 57 percent total eco content with the formulation of 7 percent bio-oil derived from castor, 43 percent recycled production waste foam, and 7 percent recycled rubber. The blend combines hybrid and bio-oil formulations to further reduce the use of petroleum.

Ideal for range of applications, the OrthoLite HybridPlus-Recycled and the OrthoLite HybridPlus-Bio deliver sustainable comfort and performance critical in insole, strobel and upper applications. The formulations create a cooler, drier environment inside all categories of footwear, so consumers can feel and perform their best.

For additional information on the HybridPlus-Recycled and  HybridPlus-Bio technologies, visit ortholite.com.


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