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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

EXPED USA Revolutionizes Outdoor Sleep Comfort

EXPED USA, a subsidiary of EXPED AG of Zurich, Switzerland, announced the launch of its innovative backpacking mat line. The line meets the needs of outdoor adventurers, providing a comfortable night’s sleep, and it reimagines the selection process into a seamless customer experience.

Fueled by feedback from customers and retailers frustrated by confusion over a lack of industry standards around warmth ratings, EXPED sought a solution to improve the buying process. Using a simple matrix, EXPED asks customers to consider two factors – intended use and warmth – to find the ideal sleeping mat.

EXPED’s backpacking mat line offers three categories of intended use along with temperature ratings from 50 degrees above zero to 40 degrees below.

In addition, EXPED has flattened the pricing structure for the new mats in the U.S. market. Within each style, the price is the same regardless of mat dimensions; medium, medium/wide and long/wide

“Choosing a sleeping mat had become too complicated for everyone: consumers, buyers, sales reps and salespeople” said Tracy Collins, EXPED USA’s Director of Sales. “It became clear to us that our reinvention of EXPED’s backpacking mat line needed to start with a simple, direct, easy to understand selection process – use-priority and level of warmth required. It’s already proven itself during the selling season and now we’re excited for the launch in the spring!”

The new mat names are tied to their purpose:

  • ULTRA – When weight and pack size are of utmost importance
  • DURA – When durability is paramount
  • VERSA–- An upgrade from traditional foam mats, offering great value and ease of use

Within each series, EXPED mats are distinguished by their warmth rating, expressed as R-value; the higher the number, the warmer the mat. ULTRA is available in 1R, 3R, 5R and 7R variants for use from summer to extreme cold. DURA is aimed more squarely at colder environments, available in 3R, 5R and 8R for 3-season use to the most extreme and challenging cold environments on the planet. VERSA covers 2R and 4R versions for summer to 3-season use.

Sustainability also plays an important role in the backpacking mat line, as well as all EXPED products. Every Ultra, Dura and Versa mat uses high-quality face fabrics made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. And in 2022 EXPED’s entire sleeping mat line is certified climate neutral with myclimate.org.

EXPED’s new line will ship to outdoor retailers in February 2022.

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