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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

DuPont Partners with BOA to Help Sporting Goods Industry Boost Performance

DuPont Mobility & Materials continues to help sporting goods manufacturers and brands evolve by moving faster, reaching higher and winning greater market share with innovative solutions for all types of products used by professional as well as recreational athletes.

The company’s Zytel polyamides (PAs), Delrin acetal homopolymers (POMs) and Hytrel thermoplastic co-polyester elastomers (TPC-ETs) provide outstanding performance and easy processability for outdoor sports equipment, apparel and accessories.

DuPont’s growing portfolio of thermoplastic resins offers a convenient, single source for diverse customer requirements. The latest example is DuPont’s collaboration with BOA Technology, creator of the patented BOA Fit System which delivers a fast, effortless, precision fit in footwear and medical bracing.

The Denver-based company selected DuPont’s Zytel nylon resins for its dial platforms and other components. BOA chose Zytel impact-modified polyamide 66 to achieve higher performance across the board – including impact strength, color ability, weather ability, resistance to moisture and stable performance at extreme temperatures.

Equally important, BOA collaborates with DuPont because of its extensive product range and technical resources, services and support, which are needed to help drive current and future product development.

“DuPont’s Zytel resins have enabled us to raise the bar on the performance and reliability of our current BOA Fit System, strengthening our ability to serve our customers and helping us expand into new market sectors such as trail and court footwear,” said Cody Henderson, director of Product Development Operations and Sustainability, BOA Technology. “In addition, DuPont’s continued expertise, technical 2 knowledge and support on future enhancements, such as our strategy to implement sustainable materials, have been invaluable.”

The BOA Fit System is featured in products for snow sports, cycling, running, workwear and beyond. The system consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, superstrong, lightweight laces, and low-friction lace guides. Each configuration is engineered to allow athletes to dial in for a connected, fast, customized and durable fit.

Since the BOA Fit System must perform reliably under a variety of usages and environmental conditions, and because the company offers a lifetime guarantee on its products, the materials used must deliver wear resistance, strength and impact resistance, among other properties.

DuPont’s portfolio of advanced Zytel resins, including reinforced and toughened grades, offers a range of stiffness and tensile modulus, dimensional stability and weather resistance. These materials also provide attractive aesthetics, including color ability and excellent surface finish, to enhance the appeal of sports and outdoor footwear.

In addition to Zytel nylon grades, DuPont provides BOA with other innovative materials, including Delrin acetal and Hytrel thermoplastic elastomer, which are used for multiple components in different dial designs.

Delrin resins combine low friction and high wear resistance with high strength and stiffness and good color ability.

Combining the flexibility of rubber with the processing ease of thermoplastics, Hytrel grades offer durability and resilience in demanding sporting goods applications.

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