Mystery Ranch Announces Director of Product

Mystery Ranch, an industry-leading pack company built on a heritage of comfortable load carriage, has named Dana 3 Gleason the new Director of Product. Gleason, otherwise known as “D3,” will oversee the brand’s Product Department.

Gleason is the son of Dana Gleason Jr., the pack designer and co-founder of Mystery Ranch, who has been a foundational plank-holder at in his 21 years at the company. He started out stuffing shoulder pads and moved through nearly every job related to making packs.

“Dana has done an amazing job during his tenure as a designer as well as a product manager here at Mystery Ranch,” said Alex Kutches, president. “Dana provides continuity from our product team to the supply chain as well as working cross-departmentally here at the Ranch.”

For the past five years, he’s served as the Product Manager for the Outdoor segment of the business. In his new role, the younger Gleason will focus on keeping the company’s Product Department innovative and fun while making the best load-bearing equipment for the most demanding users in the world.

“Driving innovation while making sure we meet all of our customer’s needs is a passion for the brand and for me as well,” said Gleason. “In the Director of Product role, I will ensure that continues as we create the packs and bags that Mystery Ranch is known for.”

In other news, Mystery Ranch has teamed with Hyosung, a global fiber manufacturer and value chain solutions provider, in the development of a sustainable COULEE Series made with Hyosung’s GRS certified, 100 percent recycled Mipan regen Robic high-tenacity nylon.

The expanded COULEE Series features innovative design and sustainable carry solutions for the day hiker and seasoned backpacker. The COULEE 20 and 30 packs are designed for light and fast adventures yet are adept at blitzing up a peak or exploring a new corner of the backcountry.

For those motivated most by authentic encounters with nature, the COULEE 40 & 50 offer the right amount of space for bold day hikes and minimalist overnighters.

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