Journey Bikes Partners with Just One Earth

During the coming months and years, the online e-bike store Journey Bikes has pledged to plant thousands of trees in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint.

The latest part of this journey for the camping company is to partner with Just One Earth –  a sustainable non-profit company that plants trees to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. Journey Bikes has committed to planting one tree for every order received no matter the value.

Journey Bikes’ partnership with Just One Planet, planting trees to protect the planet, isn’t the first eco-conscious initiative the company has taken. Since it was founded, Journey Bike has remained mindful of the planet with each action it takes, including reducing the amount of cardboard packaging waste produced.

As a family-run business, Journey Bikes understands it’s vital that we all do our bit to protect the planet for the future. Therefore, the team strives to develop new ways to be eco-friendly while making money as a small business.

Trees are the “lungs” of the planet. They absorb harmful CO2 from the atmosphere and emit precious oxygen through photosynthesis. Every single tree planted has the potential to absorb up to 48lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

Of course, trees are not only vital for absorbing CO2 – but they also provide vital habitats and food resources for the world’s wildlife populations. So, planting trees and forest encourage more biodiversity that has been lost through deforestation.

Just One Earth’s mission is to plant entire forests through generous donations, which will go a long way in reversing ongoing damage through constant CO2 emissions.

Read more about how to lead a greener lifestyle on Just One Earth website,