MSR Global Health Celebrates Record Year of Impact

MSR Global Health, a division of Seattle-based Mountain Safety Research, celebrates the start of 2018 by looking back on a record-setting year of impact in 2017. In total, the company had a positive effect on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in low-resource communities around the world.

“Our goal is to improve lives with MSR’s technology innovations and manufacturing expertise,” says Patrick Diller, who leads the expanding distribution of the division’s global health products. “After closing out a strong 2017, we’re eager to build on our previous success to help even more people in the coming year.”

Most notably, MSR Global Health’s Community Chlorine Maker was distributed to more than 30 countries in 2017, helping an estimated 260,000 find access to safe drinking water. In total, MSR Global Health estimates that it has helped more than half a million people access safe drinking water since 2015.

MSR Global Health’s flagship product, the SE200 Community Chlorine Maker, enables communities to create chlorine for safe water treatment. Developed in partnership with PATH, just one Community Chlorine Maker creates enough chlorine on the spot in 5 minutes to treat up to 200 liters of water. The device requires only water, salt, and any power source.

In addition to aiding hundreds of thousands of lives in 2017, notable moments of the year included:

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- Deployed Community Chlorine Makers in Kenya and Zambia as a result of a 2016 Crowdfunding Campaign

- Deployed Community Chlorine Makers to Niger, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Guatemala as a result of a partnership with Moosejaw

- Supported natural disaster recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean through the creation of a GoFundMe campaign, empowering over 25,000 people to create safe drinking water

-  Received £50,000 grant from the Elrha Humanitarian Innovation Fund for the development of a next-generation household drinking water treatment system for the developing world

- Collaborated on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Toilet of the Future Project to bring sustainable sanitation to the developing world

- Strengthened valued partnerships with Operation Blessing, World Vision, PATH, and others

- Field tested the MSR SafiStation in partnership with PATH

- Welcomed social entrepreneur and professional athlete Mike Chambers to MSR’s ambassador team

“These achievements were the result of dedicated, careful work done not only by MSR, but by the collaboration of many partners,” Diller added. “The expertise, resources, and dedication from partner NGOs, government entities, private institutions and many others are crucial to the sustainability and impact of our collective work.”