Kokopelli Re-launches Kevlar X-Seriews Pack Rafts

Kokopelli, a Colorado-based creator of lightweight and packable inflatable pack rafts, has brought back its popular full Kevlar x-series pack rafts. Available with a re-launch of the Nirvana Self-Bailing X and Rogue-Lite X, KOKOPELLI pushes the boundaries of what a high-performance pack raft can do.

Designed as pack rafts that can do it all, the x-series boats offer the best of both worlds: stronger than the TPU constructed pack rafts and lighter than PVC ones, while the same bomb-proof DuPont Kevlar used for the flooring into the sidewalls for increased durability, rigidity and strength.

Building on a dynamic platform, Kokopelli also included Leafield D7 valves, which are used on most commercial whitewater rafts, and an automatic pressure relief valve to ensure proper PSI is ideal no matter where you take your boat.

The feature-rich x-series packs are designed to go the distance. The company has given buyers the option to add TiZip storage to the boats, which allows for inner pontoon access in order to keep all essential gear dry for multi-day trips while you paddle.

The Rogue-Lite X compresses down to the size of a paper towel roll, being best for lakes, oceans and class I rivers, while the workhorse Nirvana Self-Bailing X can roll into the size of a sleeping bag with class I-IV rating on rivers.

The x-series boats help users move light and fast while allowing them to trust the durability of their boat on their backpacking, bike packing, hunting, high-alpine fishing trip or whenever your adventure takes you on the river.

The x-series boats from Kokopelli show durability doesn’t need to be compromised for packability. The D7 valves on these boats also include a lifetime warranty while the TiZip zipper includes a one-year warranty for when your adventures get rowdier than expected.

To learn more, visit www.kokopelli.com


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