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Sunday, June 20, 2021

HEX Teams with Female Photographers for Women in Focus Series

HEX, a fashion accessory brand, announces its new creative series, “Women in Focus.” This series will highlight several female creatives/photographers and learn a little about their stories, challenges, successes, and advice on navigating the photography space as a woman.

HEX always has been about supporting and encouraging creativity. In an industry with a history of being predominantly male, HEX feels it is essential for women in all stages of their careers to hear directly from other women about what it takes to be part of the growing female photographer’s movement.

HEX is a pioneer in the photography bag industry, designing some of the most iconic bags like the Ranger Sling, Back Loader, Cinema Backpack, and Ranger Clamshell and featuring some of the most innovative technologies like antimicrobial fabrics and patented designs. HEX bags come in various sizes to carry the right bag, with the right gear, for the right job.

The series consists of short and shareable segments from these five female creators:

  • Natalie Amrossi
  • Shauna Wade
  • Elise Swopes
  • Claire Lejeune
  • Enkrypt Los Angeles

These women are at varying career stages and bring their unique energy and aesthetics. HEX aims to encourage more female creators to know more about photography and grow as artists in their craft.

So be informed by these artists as they lend their voices to encourage others as HEX keeps “Women in Focus.”

For information on HEX’s extensive products, visit its website, or follow it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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