A Hassle-Free Way to Enjoy Campfires

We’ve all been there: You want to start a small campfire in your backyard or local park, but don’t want to dig a hole in your lawn or search for rocks. Sometimes, it just takes too much effort.

Fireside Outdoor has made campfires much more accessible, with its Pop-Up Firepit — one of the most lightweight, user-friendly fire pits on the market.

“We were asked by the Boy Scouts of America if we could design a lightweight, full-size, ‘Leave No Trace’ fire pit for their scouts,” said Fireside Outdoor president Mark Wolf. “Our final version included new technology that hasn’t been seen in any fire pits in the past. Our Fire Mesh suspended floor is a special stainless steel alloy that excels in repeated heat cycles and contains 99 percent of all the spent ash.”

This results in a better-burning fire, and improved experience for users.

“The air flow that is generated from this Fire Mesh allows the wood/charcoal to burn at an optimal rate, consuming the fuel to a fine ash and creating almost no smoke in the process,” Wolf added.

According to Wolf, the response from consumers has been overwhelming.

“Most reactions are due to its lightweight design (only 8 lbs.), compact carrying size, and the fact that a fire can be set up just about anywhere and it won’t cause damage to the ground (thanks to the heat shield). Consumers have also fallen in love with the versatility of the Pop-Up Pit. We recently launched our portable grilling grates that allow your fire pit to quickly transition into a portable charcoal grill.”

The company has also gone to great lengths to ensure its product will keep consumers out of harm’s way while sitting around the campfire.

“It is one of the safest fire pits in the market,” Wolf explained. “The Pop-Up Pit is U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Fire Pan compliant. The design places the weight at the outer corners of the fire pit to make it extremely stable on most surfaces. As you add your fuel of choice, it lowers the center of gravity making it even more stable. Another fantastic feature is the Fire Pit will cool down in just 90 seconds after a fire is extinguished, allowing it to pack away in minutes after a fire. This of course, is much safer than your traditional steel fire pit, which stays hot for hours after use.”

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Altogether, the product is a natural fit for outdoor retailers of all sizes.

“Its small, compact size makes it perfect for the RV and marine industry,” Wolf said. “The ability to be set up on snow, ice, sand and grass makes this fire pit so different from anything else in its class. In winter, most fire pits are covered by snow. Our fire pit stays inside until you are ready to have a fire, and its raised design allows you to have a fire quickly even with snow on the ground. It truly is a fire pit for all seasons. Additionally, the fact that nine fire pits fit into a retail space of 18″ x 18″ x 36″ allows for a higher profit per square foot ratio than any other competing fire pit.”

Looking forward, the company plans to launch an entire host of accessories to compliment the Pop-Up Fire Pit. Some of these accessories include a portable smoker/ oven box, LP propane attachment, an ember screen (for windy days), a ground cover for logs and an ember containment system that will allow users to place hot, burning embers in a flexible container without transferring heat.

“These products will help keep our commitment to ‘Leave No Trace’ fire products,” Wolf said.



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