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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Flaxta Launches to Redefine Sports Protection

Sports protection brand Flaxta, founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, is set to officially launch this winter at the annual Outdoor Retailer Snow Show (Jan 30 – Feb 1) and ISPO trade show (Feb 3-6). According to company executives, Flaxta is committed to redefining sports protection through a considered approach to performance, style and innovation.

The first products from the brand will include snow sports helmets, goggles and back protection, as well as a range of soccer gear, including shin guards and protective headbands. The products line is built upon three pillars: Aware (connected safety), Enlight (lens technology) and AVA (protection system).

Aware Impact measures, analyzes and displays real-time data critical to identifying the severity of head impacts in a clear and effective manner through an easy to use app. Enlight lenses, meanwhile, filter visual contrast and boost contrast, which allows for faster reaction times and a safer ride. Lens technology is developed in cooperation with Zeiss. AVA (short for Absorb, Vent and Adapt protection) is a unique protection system that brings absorption, ventilation and adaption to an unprecedented new level, said the company. It has been engineered with leading polymer experts, athletes and medical researchers.

“Flaxta is set out to redefine sports protection,” said Flaxta founder Erik Liden. “I’m confident that we have the collective knowledge, experience and drive to offer unique products to improve our customers’ level of safety and performance.”

Flaxta will launch with an array of men’s, women’s and youth offerings.

“Our dedication to deliver new and innovative products, concepts and technologies goes beyond snow sports,” continued Liden. “By exploring both analog and digital solutions to improve the level of safety, we see a significant opportunity to create better protection. Above all, Flaxta aims to be an inclusive brand. We invite people to contribute and be a part of our journey.”

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