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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Turtle Fur Expands Project Warmth

Located in the shadows of Vermont’s highest peak, Turtle Fur knows tough weather and how to provide warmth and protection for those cruel New England winter days. And to ensure that those in need are kept warm during cold, winter months, Turtle Fur announced plans to put more resources into its Project Warmth initiative.

“As a company, we take pride in providing high-quality outdoor gear,” says Josh Pombar, director of marketing for Turtle Fur, “but what we admire the most is the passion both our employees and fans show when it comes to giving back to our communities. The production of our product goes much further than the end-consumer, it provides comfort to someone who would otherwise go without.”

In 2008, Turtle Fur created the Project Warmth initiative to offer proper headwear for homeless shelters, hospitals, schools and family centers in and around Vermont. During the past 10 years the project has expanded to a national stage. It’s a relatively easy program: Using social media, consumers share a photo of themselves wearing Turtle Fur products, tagging the brand with the hashtag #projectwarmth in the caption. Turtle Fur sees it and sends one hat or cold weather accessory to someone in need. In 2018, Turtle Fur donated over 10,000 pieces of first-quality product. For 2019, Turtle Fur aims to donate 20,000 pieces of cold-weather headwear.

Pictured: Comfort Shell Pom Pom beanie

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