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Thursday, July 29, 2021

eVent Under New Ownership

Effective June 30, 2020, Performax Pro, Limited, of Hong Kong, assumed full ownership of the eVent fabrics brand. Parker Performance Materials, which has owned the eVent brand since 2017, sold the eVent fabrics brand to Performax Pro for an undisclosed amount.

Performax Pro, under the leadership of co-founder and President David Liu, now has the exclusive worldwide rights to all assets and sales of all eVent technologies, membranes and fabrics. Performax Pro has set up two entities to manage commercial operations and marketing for the eVent fabrics brand: Hong Kong-based eVent International LLC and a U.S.-based subsidiary, named eVent Technology LLC.

Under Performax Pro’s ownership, the eVent fabrics brand is now positioned directly in the heart of the textile supply chain and marketplace, said the company. Performax Pro is an industry-leading provider of performance fabrics in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The company has more than two decades experience in the textiles industry.

Key eVent fabrics team members, who have a long history with the brand, are continuing under the new ownership by Performax Pro, which will serve all existing and future eVent customers, with the exception of certain U.S. -based professional customers that Parker Performance Materials will retain.

Additionally, Parker will continue to manufacture all eVent ePTFE membranes in the United States at Parker-Hannifin’s Lee’s Summit, Missouri, facility. Parker said its commitment to develop, manufacture and supply the most technologically advanced, highest quality membrane products will not be interrupted by the change in ownership, and Parker will continue to be the supply chain partner of ePTFE products to Performax Pro.

Pacific region, except in Japan. In that role, Performax Pro has managed existing and new relationships with eVent customers in Asia.

“We are excited to bring the eVent fabrics brand under our roof,” said Mr. David Liu, CEO of Performax Pro. “Our experience in membrane design, lamination and textile manufacturing will help fuel the growth and innovation of the eVent fabrics brand and we will continue to deliver the highest quality products to serve and satisfy eVent’s global customers.”

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