e.dye Waterless Color System Expands Management Team

Michael Murphy, global sales & marketing director for e-dye Waterless Color System has announced Simon Thayil (pictured) will join the company as color director. Thayil’s previous experience includes serving as director of color at Under Armour, and color management responsibilities at JCPenney and Target.

“Simon has a clear vision for the future of color management – away from the current insanity of visual color matching and into a future based on data,” says Murphy.

The e.dye Waterless Color System uses a proven process known as solution dyeing. By adding the color before the polymer is extruded, the color is inside the yarn. Since the color is inside the yard in contrast to outside the yarn with traditional water-dye process, the color is permanent. The colors won’t fade or bleed on adjacent colors.

“I’m excited to join the e-dye management team. I envision e-dye’s platform creating a paradigm shift in how design, development, and sourcing and allocation of materials and products will be done,” says Thayil.

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The e.dye Innovation Center has created detailed formulas for more than 3,800 vibrant colors. Using sophisticated mathematical formulas to define colors, e.dye offers an unmatched ability to produce yarns dyed consistently season after season.

“Simon brings a unique perspective on the challenges brands face in color matching and color performance – he can teach us a lot about how to stage our development practices with brands.  Finally, his previous experience in color management, chemistry, and physics can help e.dye expand our palette and fine tune the logic of color development,” says Murphy.

“e-dye’s technology platform is a holistic solution to the entire development process by removing and eliminating traditional roadblocks that add time to the development calendar,” notes Thayil.