Dynafit Wins Awards for Tigard 130 Ski Boot

Dynafit, a global leader and innovator in backcountry skiing, will head into the upcoming 2023-24 winter season celebrating a pair of accolades for its Tigard 130 Boot.

The new Tigard 130 boot is Dynafit’s latest high-end Alpine Touring boot and supports descent-oriented athletes to be the first ones up the mountain and the first ones down. The Tigard is the lightest model of its class on the market and boasts extraordinary freedom of movement.

The Tigard features the patented Hoji Lock System that merges the cuff and shell on the inside of the boot into one completely interlocking unit without any play, and the Power Strap and four micro-adjustable buckles hold the foot snugly in place.

The ski-walk mechanism is connected by a clever cable system that combines the uppermost buckle and the Power Strap, and with one hand motion, you can transition between uphill and downhill.

To learn more about the Tigard 130, log onto dynafit.com.