Tifosi Launches Awareness Collection to Support Breast Cancer Research

Tifosi Optics, a sport and lifestyle sunglasses brand, reintroduces the brand’s Breast Cancer Awareness Collection in support of the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation.

The collection features pink colorways in Tifosi’s popular active-lifestyle eyewear, and a portion of proceeds from each sunglass sold will further the foundation’s work in breast cancer research and education outreach.

Tifosi’s 2022 initiative raised more than $3,000 for the organization, and the collection sold out by mid-October.

Similar to 2022, Tifosi will launch the Breast Cancer Awareness collection ahead of October – the national month designated to raise awareness around breast cancer. This advanced-released offers advocates an opportunity to purchase and wear stylish pink colorways in time for supporting events, including breast cancer runs, bike-a-thons and fundraising events. The advanced sale period also will generate additional donations for the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation.

Since 1985 the Chicago-based Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation has raised more than $40 million, investing the funds in scholarship programs, research grants, symposiums and fellowships locally and globally.

Tifosi’s Breast Cancer Awareness Collection a available for purchase through select authorized retailers and online at www.tifosioptics.com. For more information on the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, visit www.tifosioptics.com. For more information on the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, please visit http://www.lynnsage.org.