Deso X, Jungmaven Announce Collaboration

Creating responsibly is at the core of Deso’s ethos and is the impetus behind the decision to curate a run of small batch, American-made hemp t-shirts with Jungmaven. Deso hopes to assist in welcoming a new era of fabric stories by pairing the natural benefits of hemp, like low water requirements and its ability to fortify soil, with new audiences and award winning designs.

Deso introduces four new hemp styles to its Desolation Wilderness capsule collection including the Devil’s Valley Hemp Tee, Stand & See Hemp Tee, The Offering Hemp Tee and Sun Ray Hemp Tee ($40). Jungmaven’s eco-conscious hemp tee makes for the perfect canvas for Deso’s graphics that give a nod to the brand’s original inspiration, said the company. Desolation Wilderness, formerly referred to as Devil’s Valley, gave the founding spark to Deso and will forever remain the team’s favorite place to retreat, reflect and dance with the stars.

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Deso’s Founder, Jordan Basile says, “With the Deso X Jungmaven collection, our goal is to increase awareness around the benefits of natural fibers (hemp) by marrying it with designs inspired by time spent and stories told in our favorite natural space, Desolation Wilderness. With the launch of this limited collection we’re hoping to elevate the public opinion of hemp, the qualities that make it unique, and join Jungmaven as they use natural fabrics to create positive change in the world.”

For more information on the Deso X Jungmaven collection, please contact Julie Bacon at