Dakota Grizzly Launches RSVP Retail Collaboration Website

Dakota Grizzly has launched a new website in support of its 2018 R.S.V.P retail program.

The R.S.V.P. program pays participating retailers annual check disbursement from the online sales made in their locale. The store locator on the site will map each location of where Dakota Grizzly products are sold.

The R.S.VP. program launched the fall of 2017. The first checks were sent January of 2018 to qualifying partners. The brand plans to add more customers to the program with the start of this 2018/19 selling season. The new website shows their commitment to this program.

“Our mission is to grow businesses together and make long-lasting partnerships in this era of online sales,” explained Dakota Grizzly VP of Sales Joel Anderson. “We are seeking to inclusively problem solve with our retail partners versus ‘either or’ scenarios. We are not competing-we are sharing in mutual growth. It’s all about supporting one another and working together,

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Asked about the motivating force behind the website redesign, Dakota Grizzly Marketing Manager Mackenzie Taylor says it was time for a change.

“We wanted something that was clean and easy to use and represented our recent rebrand,” Taylor says. “We hope people will use the website to find items they like, connect with our brand, and discover a retailer close to them that they start buying from.”


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