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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Cotopaxi, NEMO Partner with Trove, REI on Gently Used Outdoor Gear

Cotopaxi and NEMO announced the launch of a new trade-in, re-commerce program with Trove and REI to give customers more used gear options.

The collaboration and first-of-its-kind resale program allows Cotopaxi and NEMO to enter the resale market; Trove to further its mission to create a world with less waste through a more circular economy; and REI to continue growing its high-quality used gear assortment.

REI will sell Cotopaxi’s and NEMO’s preowned merchandise through its Used Gear resale site. Through this partnership, Cotopaxi, NEMO and REI will be prolonging the lifecycle of their products, promising customers sustainable design and product integrity, while engaging conscious consumers and driving a more sustainable and circular retail economy.

Customers can trade in their Cotopaxi and NEMO items in exchange for a gift card by mailing in their gently used gear and apparel. The items are sent to Trove, which assesses each product, assigns a condition grade, and cleans and/or repairs the item prior to approving it for photography and placement for sale on REI’s Used Gear site.

All partners worked closely to build out the trade-in program to give customers more options. Customers who want to trade in a preowned product can choose whether to use REI’s mail-in trade-in program or go directly through Cotopaxi or NEMO. The value of each product will be the same no matter which option the customer chooses. Customers who initiate trade-ins through REI’s program will receive an REI gift card and those who initiate trade-ins through each brand’s program will receive a gift card for that brand’s website.

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