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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Consumers Returning to In-store Shopping, Dining

There is good news for the offline retail industry. Shoppers are returning to in-store shopping and dining, even though the global pandemic continues, according to the data science team at Zenreach.

The data show in-store visits by have been increasing steadily since the beginning of the year. Even though the in-store shopping trend has been slowing slightly, it is up 28.5 percent from the start of the year, and 12.5 percent from this same time last month.

Zenreach also uncovered the top ten locations in the United States where consumers are doing the most in-store shopping. The data revealed that Florida cities have the most activity with south and central Florida showing the greatest movement. Nevada was also at the top of the list with the Las Vegas area seeing lots of action. Several Texas locations including Houston and Fort Worth also made the list.

In-store shopping trends have now hit an inflection point regarding year-over-year visit trends. At this point last year, in-store visits had begun to dip because of the growing pandemic. Store visits are now above where they were relative to 2020. This shift back to in-store shopping in 2021 is a major triumph for the retail industry which was so badly impacted by the pandemic.

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