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Cascade Designs Partners with Locally

Seattle-based Cascade Designs, which includes outdoor brands Therm-a-Rest, Mountain Safety Research (MSR), SealLine, Platypus, and PackTowl, has partnered with Locally to help customers find and shop from independent, local retailers to purchase their favorite outdoor recreation products. The partnership will add an online dealer locator feature to the company’s brands’ websites with real-time inventory information.

This new integration is part of the company’s commitment to providing a connected and assisted shopping experience for its customers, while supporting its dedicated and expert local retail partners, said Cascade Designs.

“Now, customers have more choices than ever about what their shopping experience will look like,” said Brandon Gough, Sales Manager at Cascade Designs. “Customers now have the ability to easily find a local store to check out the product they’re interested in buying before making their final purchase, with 100% certainty that they will pay the same price they would online as in in-store. By directing customers to our retailer’s doorsteps we are able to offer customers a hands on experience where they can ask questions to people in-person and see the products in real life.”

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When a customer is on the Therm-a-Rest or MSR website and ready to make a purchase, shoppers can now choose Find In Store next to the Add to Cart button on each product page. This allows customers to seamlessly transition from online to offline, by finding the customers current location and calculating the closest gear stores in their area. The site will even tell the customer the stock status of the item, saving the customer time and effort, which in the end improves the overall shopping experience.

“The new Cascade Designs sites now do what shoppers crave – guide them to the exact location where they can check out and buy the gear they’re looking for, when and where they want it” said Mark Strella, Director of Sales and Client Services at Locally. “We invite any and every authorized dealer to set up their inventory feed and start converting screen loads into door swings.”

The integration is now complete for customers to enjoy this enhanced shopping experience.

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