Bollé Employs AI to Develop High Contrast Lens

Bollé is launching its most technologically advanced high contrast lens with the introduction of Volt +, which was developed using artificial intelligence.

The goal in developing the Volt + was to create a lens that provided high contrast and enhanced all colors to improve depth perception without compromising white balance, said the company. In the past, high contrast lenses enhanced one color while diminishing other colors.

“The Volt + enhances all colors, offering the most complete high contrast lens that improves depth perception,” said Bolle.

Bollé used AI to find out which wavelengths to enhance or dampen, to design and develop the chemical compound (pigments) that will absorb the right wavelengths and to then put together the perfect blend of pigments for the transition curve. AI allowed Bollé to evaluate 20 million different lens formula combinations to settle on an incomparable color experience.

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The Volt + lens is the latest innovation to come out EPIC, Bollé’s new state-of-the-art design and technology innovation lab based in Lyon, France. The lens technology will be included throughout Bolle’s line of sport specific sunglasses for the Spring 2021 season.

“We’ve set high standards to be the innovation and technology leader in the development and creation of sports performance eyewear and helmets,” said Tove Fritzell, Bollé director of product & innovation “Our EPIC design center located at the foot of the Alps continues to deliver amazing results to harness the most advanced technology with the needs of athletes who have an opportunity to sample and provide feedback at the foot of the world’s biggest playground.”