BIG Digital Launches SafeChek Entranceway Technology

To support the safe opening and operations of businesses across North America, interactive digital technology solution provider BIG Digital Corp launched its SafeChek digital entranceway technology. Big Digital will provide SafeChek at grocery stores, malls, commercial buildings and offices to enable queue management (including wait times and number of people inside), product and service messaging, (such as store hours and out-of-stock items) and visitor SafeChek sensors (including mask and fever detection) in order to support best practices for social distancing.

“Our team launched one of Canada’s first digital signage and safety networks, Onestop Media Group, in the Toronto Transit System in 2005 and later expanded to airports, malls, residential and commercial high-rise networks,” says Michael Girgis, co-founder of Big Digital, based in Toronto. “Our passion and expertise in providing real-time, contextual information to people ‘on-the-go’ translates naturally to the solution SafeChek provides today to businesses and consumers.”

BIG Digital’s SafeChek entranceway technology allows organizations to maximize safety through people counting systems to control occupancy levels and real-time communication with customers at indoor and outdoor entranceway locations such as malls, retailers, airports, walkways, elevators, project and construction sites. This technology keeps the public informed with important messages on safety as the economy starts to cautiously re-open. Some of SafeChek entranceway technology’s extra customer communication features include reservation/appointment messaging, out-of-stock items, current wait times and promoted items to help consumers make informed decisions and ease anxieties around visiting or getting back to work in public spaces. For business owners, key data and analytics provided by SafeChek entranceway technology includes: real-time building occupancy, visit duration, frequency and customer traffic which can help support effective pandemic planning and operations.

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Big Digital is partnering on the SafeChek project with A1 Innovation Group, a provider of people-counting solutions.

“The combination of A1 Innovation’s 25-plus years in people- and vehicle-counting systems and BIG Digital’s credibility in transforming commercial areas with real-time digital communications is unmatched in providing technology for today’s circumstances,” said John Plainos, president and CEO of A1 Innovation Group.