Avid4 Adventure Launches Educator Discount Program

Educators are among the most important professionals in our society. Yet today’s news is full of stories about teachers striking over low wages, and every year we read more about teachers spending their own money on school supplies so they can give their students the education they deserve. Avid4 Adventure wants to help out where it can by introducing the 2019 “We Hear Ya” discount program.

Designed to help teachers afford summer camp for their kids, We Hear Ya provides an opportunity for educators to instill in their kids a healthy love for the outdoors and outdoor activities while giving themselves some much deserved time to relax after the school year is over. 

“Fundamentally, Avid4 Adventure is a community of educators. We are excited to stand up in support of our fellow educators by introducing a brand new discount program for all educators and school staff,” said the company.

Educators will now be able to receive a 10% discount off all 2019 summer camps for their kids. Educators and school districts can contact Avid4 Adventure at 720-249-2412 or info@avid4.com for details on how to access their discount.

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According to Avid4 CEO Paul Dreyer, “Avid4 Adventure’s mission is to empower kids to choose active and healthy lifestyles in the outdoors, but we also want to be a part of a larger, national conversations like equity for and recognition of teachers in this country.” Avid4 Adventure day and overnight camps give kids not only a safe place to start outdoors, but all the room to grow as participants build skills in a wide range of adventure sports, from mountain biking to hiking, kayaking to rock climbing. This runs the gamut of age groups, from encouraging a 3-year-old to find balance on a Strider bike, to teaching a 12-year-old to navigate singletrack or paddle through rapids. Avid4 camps build the determination, confidence and grit necessary to thrive not only in the outdoors, but in daily life