WNDR Alpine Coordinates Backcountry Safety Courses for Each Ski Sold

Reservation systems and rumors suggest skiers will be turning to the backcountry more than ever to get their turns in this upcoming ski season. While this influx into the backcountry is likely positive, professionals in the outdoor industry know that backcountry education is crucial to positively handle this massive influx into out-of-bounds riding.

Ski brand WNDR Alpine is taking aggressive steps in the right direction to promote education and safety while enjoying the terrain.

The company is offering two tiers of courses in backcountry safety training in their native Wasatch Range to anyone that buys a 20/21 WNDR ski (until 10/2). The first tier is a foundational day-long introduction into managing backcountry hazards and navigating avalanche terrain while the secondary tier serves as a refresher course for individuals who have already completed their AIARE 1 or 2 certification.

“We feel that it’s important to encourage good practices in all elements of backcountry travel. And moreover, it’s our responsibility as the lifelong backcountry skiers that hold the keys to these experiences,” said Matt Sterbenz, founder of WNDR Alpine. “So, we’re offering our customers some basic education, complementary to purchasing their new skis.

WNDR said it is hoping the program sets a precedent amongst ski brands across the industry.