WizWheelz Acquires Greenspeed

WizWheelz, Inc., owner of TerraTrike and distributor of KMX Karts, has acquired Australian trike brand Greenspeed in its bid to bring the world of recumbent trikes into the cycling mainstream.

Greenspeed was founded in 1990 by the late Ian Sims and is known for its history of innovation. Greenspeed pioneered the use of a 20-inch rear wheel, was the first to offer a tandem recumbent trike and the legendary cross-over linkage steering, said the company.

“Greenspeed is really the original trike brand,” said WizWheelz managing director Mark Crews. “Its late founder, Ian Sims, developed the vision of a mainstream pedal powered machine that could be ‘greener’ than automobiles without losing fun and ‘speed.’ Ian liked to prove what was possible, and I hope we can honor that by giving Greenspeed plenty of space to grow with its own identity.”

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Greenspeed’s GT20 RS Suspension trike, delta trike and aero race trike models are standouts within the WizWheelz brand family, complementing the already strong and diverse offerings of TerraTrike and KMX Karts.

“We’ve had shops knocking on our door at WizWheelz because we offer great products, support and margins for our dealer network,” said Crews. “We take care of our dealers, so they can take care of the customers, and bringing in Greenspeed gives us the opportunity to bring this philosophy to more shops.”