Alan Arnette Announces Virtual Everest 2020 – Supporting the Sherpas

The Nepal government recently closed this spring’s mountaineering and trekking season due to COVID-19. As a result, countless local Sherpas, cooks, guides, and porters are out of work.

To raise awareness and funding, Everest climber Alan Arnette is hosting daily “Virtual Everest 2020” coverage on his blog.

“After 20 years of climbing or reporting on Everest, not covering it was going to leave a hole in my, and many other’s Spring,” Arnette said. “So I thought, why not cover Everest as usual but with fictional climbers and teams in April and May. But more important, use the power of our community to raise money to help the Sherpas, the backbone of Everest.”

More information is available here.


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