Tepui Launches Upcycle Program

Rooftop tent brand Tepui has launched a program designed to minimize the brand’s impact on landfills and turn used tent materials into new adventure gear. Tepui UpCycle will first offer an opportunity for customers to send in used tent travel covers for a new cover with an updated Tepui logo and a unique backpack or gear bag crafted from the usable material in the returned travel covers. The initiative is also directed to thank customers for their support, said the company.

Tepui said UpCycle is simple. By visiting Tepui UpCycle on tepui.com, customers can request their new replacement travel cover. They then will receive the new replacement travel cover, a return shipping label for the used travel cover, as well as their choice of an upcycled backpack or gear bag.
“The travel covers are made from quality weatherproof PVC material that translates into rugged walls for backpacks and gear bags,” said Evan Currid, Tepui founder. “We plan to continue our efforts in reducing material waste by finding ways to upcycle old tent canopies and components into exciting new products.”

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The Tepui UpCycle backpacks and gear bags also will be for sale as individual accessories or as the UpCycle bundle. In line with Tepui’s mission to manufacture locally when possible, Tepui UpCycle uses an American production facility to clean the tent covers and repurpose them into the backpacks and gear bags.