Take Part in National CleanUp Day

This Saturday (September 16) is National CleanUp Day, a day dedicated to encouraging all of us to take action to make the entire country a better place to live. From coast to coast this Saturday, organizations and individuals alike join forces to clean up parks, trails, beaches, mountains and open spaces. Communities, corporations, civic organizations, parks and recreation departments and private citizens will all be uniting together to make National CleanUp Day a success.

National CleanUp Day was founded to celebrate the importance of uniting to care for our outdoor spaces and remove litter so our trails, parks, and community spaces remain pleasant and unmarred by waste. To observe National CleanUp Day, outdoor community members are encouraged to create a team or just bring a friend to remove litter from their favorite outdoor spaces.

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Donations to National CleanUp Day may be tax deductible through our partnership with Clean Trails, a national 501(c)3 non-profit.






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