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Saturday, June 19, 2021

SOG Adjusts Distribution, MAP Policy

In order to strengthen its commitment to both the consumer experience and retailer support, SOG Knives & Tools says it will tighten its distribution channels and launch a program designed to deliver better enforcement of its minimum advertised price (MAP) policy.

“This is an important two-pronged process that will bring value to retailers and end consumers, both before the purchase and after the sale,” said Patrick Carland, Vice President of Sales for SOG.

The narrowing of SOG’s distribution channels will allow retailers access to the entire SOG product line through preferred distribution partners. These partners have proven expertise with SOG products, the ability to service retail accounts with the highest level of professionalism and are fluent in SOG policy and procedures, said the company.

“Focusing our partnership with top-tier distributors levels the playing field for our retailers,” said Carland. “It allows SOG to deliver consistent value and gives retailers confidence they have professional support for their efforts from a distributor that is tuned in with the ethos of SOG.”

Additionally, SOG will step up enforcement of its published MAP policy and take action against authorized resellers. SOG will utilize an ORIS Intelligence platform for MAP monitoring. Carland noted that the unique ORIS unique platform is used by a number of companies intent on taking extra measures to ensure they’re supporting authorized retailers.

“The policy we have is designed to protect the SOG brand and SOG customers who expect value from our products along with the reassurance that any additional needs will be met during and after the sale,” said Carland.


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